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Santa Rosa Ranch Packages

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Trophy Whitetail 1
Trophy Whitetail - up to 159-inch buck
Trophy Whitetail 2
Trophy Whitetail - 160 - 179 inches
Trophy Whitetail 3
Trophy Whitetail - 180 inches and above
Management Buck
Management buck - up to 135 inches and of old age (2 person minimum)
Wild Boar Hunts
Wild Boar hunts - Two hogs and four person minimum or minimum rate
Javelina Hunts
Two Javelinas with a four minimum or minimum rate
Predator Hunts
Predator hunts priced per person with a minimum of four or minimum rate
White Wing and Quail Hunts
White wing and quail hunts are priced per gun per day with a four person minimum
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