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Purchase one of Eddie Brochin's videos and join Eddie Brochin and members of his pro-staff as they travel the country in search of outdoor adventure. Every show is only as unique as its host. Eddie Brochin is a Master Class Outdoorsman and licensed Captain through the U.S. Coast Guard offering a variety of outdoor adventures around the world. Master Captain, Archer, Falconer and Martial Artist, Eddie Brochin will guide you on an outdoor adventure you will never forget.

Outdoors with Eddie Brochin - "Take Flight"
This show features falconry hunts for small game and upland game animals with Eddie Brochins' favorite hawk, "Chase" the Red-tail.

Outdoors with Eddie Brochin - "The Real Deal"
Eddie Brochin takes his clients out to his private hunting lease to guide them on the most sought after game animal on the North American continent, the white-tailed deer.

Outdoors with Eddie Brochin - "US Cats"
This time around the cameras are following multiple catfishing tournament teams to a U.S. Cats fishing championship on the Walbash River on the Indiana/ Illinois border. It's all about the fortune and glory!

Outdoors with Eddie Brochin - "Wild Boars"
Eddie Brochin and Larry Sizemore are bow hunting for giant wild boar in the swamps of Brama Island located in central Florida.

Outdoors with Eddie Brochin -"No Boundaries"
This time around we are in Old Mexico hunting Whitetails and Javelinas at the San Fabian Ranch . If you like hunting the southern brushlands you will really enjoy this show!

Outdoors with Eddie Brochin - "Rivercats"
Eddie Brochin and pro-staff member Ron "Meanstreak" Streeter head down to the Ohio River for some extreme catfishing. They pull off an all night excursion in search of that one trophy sized fish and they finally get it. They catch a 35 pound Flathead catfish in broad daylight.

Outdoors with Eddie Brochin - "Predator or Prey"
This episode takes you on a one-of-a-kind predator hunt with pro-staff member Larry Sizemore. Then we head to Mexico to take on the illusive bobcat.

Outdoors with Eddie Brochin - "On the Run"
Eddie Brochin heads to Southeast Texas on a bow hunt for the illusive Aoudad Ram. He works hard but in the end he shoots a nice ram on a full run at nearly 30 yards. If you like traditional bowhunting you will have to see this one!

Outdoors with Eddie Brochin - "On the Fly"
Ed Brochin and the Fly Masters wade the St. Joseph River in Michigan for steelhead. Bonus footing: Bow fishing on Geist Resevoir. Join host Eddie Brochin and members of his pro staff as they travel the country in pursuit of outdoor adventure. Every show is as unique as its host. Eddie Brochin is a master outdoorsman, providing service to the public as a professional hunting and fishing guide. He pursues his quarry with traditional bow hunting equipment and his latest addition to his outdoor pro staff, a red-tailed hawk named "Maverick." Whether you are a beginning enthusiast or a serious sportsman, this show is for you. "As Real as it Gets."

Outdoors with Eddie Brochin - "Passion for the Hunt"
Eddie Brochin shares his passion for bow hunting for whitetailed deer as he and members of the pro staff share some stand time and educate the audience with the use of lures and calls that bring the deer into bow range.

Outdoors with Eddie Brochin - "Archer Ed Solo"
Archer Ed heads out for a whitetail bowhunt and encounters a mature buck in early season. Pro-Staff member Josh Stoner and special guest John Cremer also take you on bow hunting adventures here in Indiana.

Outdoors with Eddie Brochin - "Bison or Bust"
This time around, Eddie Brochin is off to prove he can take down the biggest game animal on the North American continent with a single well placed shot from his wooden bow and a wooden arrow tipped with a two-blade broadhead.

Ultimate Outdoors - "Anchor Away"
This show is for the serious bow hunter! It is full of action and very entertaining. First Archer Ed takes a nice Hoosier management buck with his re-curve. Then he is off to the anchor Ranch in the hill country of Southwest Texas with pro staff member Larry Sizemore for some extreme bow hunting for post rut whitetails and exotics.

Ultimate Outdoors - "Spring Fever"
Eddie Brochin and members of the Ultimate Outdoors Pro-Staff are talking turkey in the uniquely entertaining springtime turkey hunt. Anticipate a humerous ending!

Ultimate Outdoors - "Dream Catch"
This is a jouney into the creative mind of show host and producer Eddie Brochin. His cinematic approach to production brings a whole new look and feel to the outdoor genre with a mind boggling approach.

Ultimate Outdoors "Captain's Call"
This film is educational and uniquely entertaining. Eddie Brochin documents a ten-year quest to become a U.S. Coast Guard Licensed Captain.

Ultimate Outdoors - "It's Maritime"
Join Eddie Brochin as he takes his place in History as a U.S. Merchant Marine Officer. This film documents his first year as an official licensed Captain.

Ultimate Outdoors -"Pure Energy"
This week Eddie Brochin is fishing for table fare at Indiana's own Merom Reservoir - Owned and operated by the Hoosier Energy Comapny. Anticipate another humerous ending!

Ultimate Outdoors - "A Mixed Bag"
Eddie Brochin and his two guests, the Cremer brothers go fishing for their lunch in Southern Indiana in early Springtime. Bonified Crappies and Bluegills are on the menu today!

Ultimate Outdoors - "Fin Frenzy"
Come along and chum up the waters of the cold deep blue Pacific Ocean as Captain Ed battles the aggresive Mako shark. Then enjoy a slow voyage back to shore as he gets stranded in shark infested waters.

Ultimate Outdoors - "The Old Way"
This is an in-depth look into the exciting world of modern day falconry and the relationships between man and raptor. A rare look into this secretive lifestyle.

Ultimate Outdoors - "The Plantation"
Licensed falconer Eddie Brochin takes you to the Plantation in Morgantown Indiana for a morning of upland game hunting with "Chase" the Red-Tailed Hawk. In this episode we also feature a special hunt for a disabled US veteran from the US Army.

Ultimate Outdoors - "Sport of kings"
Immerse yourself in this uniquely entertaining film as Eddie Brochin takes you on a majestic journey through late falconry season here in the Midwest region of the US. This film is the short version of the movie, The Falconer "Sport of Kings".

Ultimate Outdoors - "A Little R & R"
Let's head to South Texas with Eddie Brochin and Larry Sizemore as they take you on a one of a kind predator hunt. Then It's off to the Hill Country for two action packed bow hunts for Axis deer.

Ultimate Outdoors - "The Rush"
Join Archer Ed on a whitetail bow-season full of trials and errors as he pursues a specific animal throughout the entire season with his wooden bow and wooden arrows.

Ultimate Outdoors - "Winds of Change"
In this episode you will follow Brochin through the fall bow hunting season as he lures a mature whitetail buck into bow range. Then journey on as he fills his antlerless tag and takes his prize home to the grille. Bonus footage: First ever bow taken wiley coyote!

Ultimate Outdoors - "Chasing the Dream"
Eddie Brochin challenges himself to have one of the most successful hunting seasons ever. Not only does he harvest five whitetails in a single season with traditional equipment, he also films 98% of this episode himself with the use of his new mechanical camera arm. You have to see it to believe it!

Ultimate Outdoors - "What Lurks Beneath"
Witness this breathtaking documentary of a season of fishing for giant fish that lurk beneath our public rivers and waterways. You will be supprised to know just "What Lurks Beneath" the watery surface in your area, sometimes just yards away from your own backyard!

Ultimate Outdoors - "Ultimate Outdoorsman"
In this exciting episode, members of the Ultimate Outdoors Pro-Staff travel to South Texas for a little competition amongst themselves in order to find out who will be this years Ultimate Outdoorsman. A bit of competition rivalry breaks out as they hunt for whitetails, javelinas and wild boar.

Outdoors with Eddie Brochin - "Dinosaur with a Dinosaur"
In this episode Eddie Brochin attempts to take a dinosaur with a dinosaur, what he means by this is he will attempt to take the alligator the old fashion way, with a wooden bow and a wooden arrow.

Outdoors with Eddie Brochin - "Land of Exotics"
Eddie Brochin and Pro Staff member, Larry Sizemore are bow hunting for exotic game in Florida. Then special guest Dale Karch takes us bowhunting in South Africa.

Outdoors with Eddie Brochin - "Ole Whiskers"
Captain Brochin and his guests are fishing for catfish on Geist Reservoir in Indiana, then Brochin takes you on a bow-fishing adventure for giant carp!

Outdoors with Eddie Brochin - "On the Nest"
Eddie Brochin and his guests are fly-fishing for Bluegills in early spring then he and his grandfather tackle the strip pits of Western Indiana for nesting Bluegills with flip poles and crickets.

Outdoors with Eddie Brochin - "Counting Sheep"
Eddie Brochin and his Guest travel to the Hill Country of Texas for some bow hunting for wild exotic game. In this episode you will see Archer Ed take down two Barbarossa Rams with traditional equipment.

Outdoors with Eddie Brochin - "Change of Pace"
Eddie Brochin and guest are changing the Pace as they head up to Lake Michigan for a little salmon fishing. Later that week when he is back in Indianapolis, where he heads out to the white River and catches a giant catfish!

Outdoors with Eddie Brochin - "Last Call"
Eddie Brochin takes his clients out on the White River in Indianapolis to catch giant catfish during a terrible thunderstorm. Good thing cause the biggest catch of the day was a despondent man that was found drowning in the high current.

Outdoors with Eddie Brochin - "Circle City Cats"
In this episode Captain Brochin takes his clients to the White River in downtown Indianapolis where they catch several fish over 30 pounds and one over fifty! If you like catfishing this is a must see!

Outdoors with Eddie Brochin - "Full Charge"
Eddie Brochin and pro staff member Michael "Magic" Moore are bow hunting for wild boar in Texas. Michael get's charged head on by an angry boar and puts a well placed shot on him at less then two yards!

Outdoors with Eddie Brochin - "Fish for a King"
Eddie Brochin and the Flymasters of Indianapolis head up to fish the St. Joe River for the mighty "Chinook" aka the King Salmon.

Outdoors with Eddie Brochin - "Eye in the Sky"
The Falconer Eddie Brochin and his guest John Cremer take you on an adventurous small game hunt in Indiana with "Chase" the Red-Tailed hawk and bring their prize home for an afternoon lunch!

Outdoors with Eddie Brochin - "On the Run Again"
Archer Ed Brochin travels to the Hill Country of Texas for another bow hunt for the highly coveted Aoudad. He shoots a magnificent trophy, "On the Run Again" this time at over 80 yards! A miraculous shot? Or is it skill? You decide.

Outdoors with Eddie Brochin - "Learning to Fly"
Eddie Brochin is "Learning to Fly" fish from the fly-masters of Indianapolis on a local lake in Brown County Indiana. He is practicing for his up and coming saltwater fly fishing adventure in the Florida Keys. This show is unique, humerous and educational, all at the same time.

The Ultimate Outdoorsman
In the beginning there was the hunt and the hunt provided! Man's only job was to survive and the human spirit was strong but as the world evolved the challenge of the hunt was lost. Now only a few remain who feel the call of the wild, the way it once was and will be again.

Outdoors with Eddie Brochin - "Quest for a Fish"
Join Eddie Brochin on his quest to win a small fishing tournament amongst some of the better known catfishermen in the area. They are competeing against each other for bragging rights on Indiana's own, White River.

Off The Cuff
Enjoy a three-day fishing adventure with Captain Ed Brochin and cat fishing pro, Jon Land as they uncover the fishing secrets of Santee Cooper reservoir in Pineville, South Carolina.

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