New! Introducing The Scream Machine, pulse-pounding jet boat Thrill Rides at the Louisville Waterfront

If you want something slower, try the Sunset Cruise or after-dark Skyline Cruise. There's also an awesome Fireworks Cruise on special dates/times.

Upcoming schedule:

April - 11am-10pm - Thursday through Sunday Night

May - 10am-10pm, - 7 days per week

June - 10am-11pm - 7 days per week

July - 10am-11pm - 7 days per week

Aug - 10am-11pm - 7 days per week

Sept - 10am-11pm - 7 days per week

Oct - 11am-9pm, - Thursday through Sunday Night

Nov - 11am-6pm - Friday through Sunday Night


$30 - Thrill ride

$39 - Sunset Cruise - Last ride before sunset

$39 - Skyline Cruise - After Dark

$45 - Fireworks Cruise

(On Bats game days, Fireworks Cruise departure times are a best guess and are not guaranteed to occur exactly at the same times as the fireworks. Your best bet is to arrive 30-60 minutes early to have the best chance of seeing the fireworks.)

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Remember, "Reality Is Wild!".



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